Code 128 Barcodes

Here you can purchase sequential  code 128 barcodes for asset tracking. These are used for library books and membership cards as well as asset tracking.

  • Code 128 Barcodes

    These will be supplied to you in 5 different formats (Bitmap, Eps., Tiff, Jpeg, PDF) via a shared drop box folder.

    Please give us the following information when you get to the checkout page (please put this information in the “additional information” section):

    • Tell us what sequence you want (e.g. 1000 – 1999 works well for a lot of 1000 barcodes). The sequence can either by alpha-numeric, or numeric only.
    • Tell us what size barcode images you want (e.g. 20mm high x 30mm wide)

    Code 128 barcodes are used for library books, membership cards, vouchers, SKU codes, internal inventory tracking, etc.


    Quantity (in thousands)    Price (per 1000) 
    1 $ 58 USD
    2 $ 53 USD
    3 $ 48 USD
    4 $ 43 USD


    NEW – A TAX OF 18% VAT will be Charged as required by Law

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 Code 128 barcodes look like this:

Code 128 barcode image sample

Code 128 barcodes can encode both numeric and alpha-numeric data. However some scanners are unable to read barcodes that contains alphabetic letters – therefore it is safest to only use numeric digits.

Note: Code 128 barcodes should not be used for products that are for sale in retail stores (retail products need EAN barcodes).