Simple Requirements

  • Decide on the number of barcodes you need.

First decide on the number of barcode your business needs, to determine how many barcode your need lets use these examples Say you have two products that you make, Sugar and Soda,

For sugar, you package them in three quantities 500grammes, 1kilogram, and 2kilograms = you will need three barcodes

Lets assume regarding the, Soda  you have different flavors,  Cola, Strawberry and Ginger and all are of the same quantity i.e. 300mls, you can choose to use 1 barcode as long as the price for each flavor will be the same.

Say for the same example of Soda above,  each of the flavors; Cola has three (3) different quantities of 300mls, 500mls and 1liter, while Strawberry has four (4) quantities namely; 300mls, 500mls, 1liter, 1.5liters, and Ginger flavor has five (5) quantities namely; 300mls, 500mls, 1liter, 1.5liters and 2liters, then this means EACH QUANTITY MUST have a different barcode, here you will need a total of twelve (12) separate barcodes for all the three Soda products.

WHY YOU CANNOT USE ONE BARCODE FOR DIFFERENT QUANTITIES== this will affect your earnings, the barcode readers will not be able to capture two prices under one barcode.

  • Must have an already a registered Company or business name.

All reputable barcode sellers give their clients a certificate of ownership of the barcodes purchased, these certificates are most of the times issued in the BUYER’S NAME, this name may be a company name, a business name, a person’s name or product name.

The certificate is important to prove that the barcodes belong to the buyer, the certificate may be used to further other necessary barcoding processes, for example get ITF barcodes (Carton barcodes) and barcode registration on the International Barcode Database.

  • Must have a valid email address.

All barcode sellers issue barcodes in soft copies, this allows the barcode owners to manipulate the barcode dimensions to fit their product labels and product sizes, and also ensure readability by barcode scanners. The soft copies of the barcodes are sent to an email address of the buyer for later retrieval and even storage.

  • Must decide on how to pay for the barcodes

Payment for barcodes is important in order to get the barcodes emailed to your provided email address. Different payment channels come with different benefits and costs, with some payment platforms, you will incur a processing fee in addition to the actual barcode cost, especially if you use CREDIT CARDS or PAYPAL, the benefit of this, is that the delivery of the barcodes is instant.

You may choose to pay through the bank, this means once we receive SMS and EMAIL notification of payment, we then process the barcodes, the cost being, the time that the EMAIL or SMS is actually received may be longer, you may also need to notify us of your payment.


Steps to make your order

  • Go to the barcode price page = This may be accessed in two ways, first by clicking the big button that reads “BUY BARCODES” or clicking the tab the reads “BARCODES” and then click retail barcodes then EAN-13 BARCODES all these are on the front page of the website.
  • Choose the quantity of barcodes you need, then click “ADD TO CART”, after also click “VIEW CART”.
  • Confirm that the quantity of barcodes you chose reflects and the pricing is correct.
  • Now click the long button that reads “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” here you will be taken to another page.
  • Fill in the details HOWEVER TO THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE SCREEN under “Additional Information Certificate Options Line 1* ” INSERT YOUR YOUR COMPANY NAME | BUSINESS NAME this will be printed on the certificate of ownership.
  • Choose the payment method and accept the terms and condition then click “PLACE ORDER”
  • Check your email for further support.