We Say Thank You to;

Some of Uganda’s major manufacturers and exporters of consumer goods with market presence in East Africa, that have purchased authentic and intentionally recognized barcodes from us

And not forgetting;

  1. Goshen Corps Ltd
  2. Corporate Soft Uganda
  3. Mt Zion Farm Limited
  4. Kehong Uganda Industrial Development
  5. Gama Distillers Ltd
  6. Namanve Industries Ltd
  7. Everest Engineering Services Ltd
  8. Dolphin Paper (U) Ltd
  9. Habitat For Generations
  10. Sparkle Natural Honey
  11. Garden Flavour
  12. Hemaih Investments Ltd
  13. Vexe Products Ltd
  14. Miel Products
  15. Longfeng Foods & International (U) Ltd
  16. Vero Industries Ltd
  17. Seven Fortunes Foods Uganda Ltd
  18. Sanga Meat Company Ltd
  19. Cannan Investments
  20. The Kampala Industrial and Infrastructure Development Ltd
  21. Mawa Vintage Ltd
  22. Purple Diamond Uganda Ltd
  23. Anchor Foods Ltd
  24. Blowplast (Uganda) Ltd
  25. Mavid Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd